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Construction abutting property lines without crossing them

Construction on the property line often comes with challenges:

Objections, delays and trouble with the neighbour often accompany such projects. This can be avoided with Forster System Linings. The invention can be used whenever construction is planned right on the property line and the adjacent property cannot be affected: Be it by stepping onto the property or using it for support measures during excavation work.

As a result from our daily experience, the outer wall is directly lowered into the pit without the use of sheet pilings or Berlin type pit linings. This stands in contrast to the commonly used methods.

The prefabricated double wall concrete element is tapered on the underside from one side, enabling it to cut its way down along the steels columns positioned in the ground while the excess material is excavated from the inside of the pit. The wall element slides down to the desired depth during this process, which is executed right between the property line and the steel columns. Therefore, this lining serves not only as a support measure towards the adjacent property, which would normally be implemented with sheet piling, but is also a component of the constructed building that will remain in the ground after being monolithically integrated with the floor slab by way of poured concrete.

Prefabricated concrete parts acting as tool and component at the same time

The application possibilities range from outer walls for building and underground parking (even with curved layouts) to securing cut slopes with ground anchors and railway or road lines with noise protection facilities.

The invention is suitable for construction projects of any size, enables optimized property utilization, is environmentally friendly and also reduces costs as compared to conventional construction methods.

FORSTER SYSTEM LININGS can be produced as white or black troughs. The lining sheets are available with plastic sealings of various thicknesses that are resistant to any degree of humidity. Even the installation of an external pressure resistant thermal insulation is not a problem at all.

Advantages for the customer

- Optimized property utilization

- Suitable for construction projects of any size

- Significant cost savings

- No utilization of the adjacent property for access, open construction pits, anchors etc.

- Vibration-free construction possible upon request

- No bored piles / bored pile walls

- No ramming or sheet pilings

- No Berlin type pit linings

- Waterproof white and black troughs available

- Available with thermal insulation


10 steps to a complete lining


1. After the fence to the adjacent property has been secured, aligned guidance rails are introduced into the construction ground.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a1.gif

2. The surface-finished lining panel is positioned between the property line and the guidance rails.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a2.gif

3. Lower clamping reinforcement and upper ceiling formwork along with limiting slab are integrated.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a3.gif

4. The construction pit is excavated prior to application of the FORSTER SYSTEM LINING. The slab secures the backward railing.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a4.gif

5. The FORSTER SYSTEM LINING cuts its way down all by itself.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a5.gif

6. In greater excavation depths, the FORSTER SYSTEM LINING can be supported and the wall movement can be controlled.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a6.gif

7. Neighbour's hedge and fence are still without any damages

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a7.gif

8. Below groundwater level, the FORSTER SYSTEM LINING slides into place using the groundwater as "lubricant".

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a8.gif

9. The wall and the fixed lower foundation are impermeably poured with concrete.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a9.gif

10. This is how your solution looks like: finished floor slab and boundary wall. The hedge has not been disturbed.

  files/Standart/Inhalte/05_Bilder Leistungen/05.3_Bilder_System-Verbau/10_Schritte/a10.gif


Did we spark your interest? You will find a selection of completed project from all areas under References. We will be pleased to send you a collection of technical publications and further information upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to take care of your project!


Any questions?

We are happy to help!

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